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2019 Season

12/28/2018, 10:00pm EST
By Tom New

Happy Holidays! We hope that you all are having a great holiday season and winter break!

The Fort Thomas Junior Football League apologizes to our families for any misunderstanding that may have occurred regarding an email that was sent using our directory earlier this week in reference to our league. The FTJFL board was not aware of this email being sent. With that in mind, we would like to formally address the e-mail and our plans for the 2019 season. 

The Fort Thomas Junior Football League has been dedicated to developing youth football players for over 65 years.  I had a chance to reach out to Dale Mueller, former head football coach at HHS and this is what he had to say. “I have always felt the most important belief of the junior football league was to attempt to have a positive and lifelong impact on young guys.”

We are a program that was founded on tradition and excellence. Each season brings new developments and improvements, and we are constantly working to do what is best for the players, parents and coaches.

Our league provides the following:
1.     Enthusiastic, instructional, organized competitive experience with teaching your child the fundamentals and skills that will make them successful in High School on and off the field.
2.     Grades 1-6, great experience combining internal and external team schedule. We want as many kids playing football as possible. 
3.     Grades 7-8, Norseman League like last year to participate in the state playoffs.
4.     We provide off-season clinics by high school coaches and other professional agility and football trainers. 
5.     All practices and most games are at Ft. Thomas facilities which are some of the best in the area. 

The Board has already met several times this off season and decided that the principles and philosophy of our League simply do not match up with the ideology of the NKYFL. With that said, we are discussing opportunities with some other organizations that have similar goals. We do not plan on playing the same 2-3 teams internally all year.  Nor are were sending select players to play in the NKYFL.

We strongly encourage feedback from parents and community. Your feedback is always welcome and taken very seriously. Please feel free contact any board member with questions, ideas or concerns. All of our contact information in listed on our website, Lastly, any and all are welcome to attend our board meetings on the first Wednesday of every month, 7:33pm, 245 Grandview Ave, Bellevue, KY 41073.

Tom New

Dale Mueller: “All players should get significant playing time every game. The teams should be inclusive not exclusive. Every player is important. It is desired and possible to create an environment where high standards are expected but still be forgiving and understand that the players come from a wide range of backgrounds and each player has their own unique strengths and problems.”

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