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01/05/2019, 2:30pm EST

The FTJFLBoard of Directors would like to clarify a few points from a post on the NKYFL Facebook page.

1. FTJFL has never veered away from our roots that include fun, instructional, developmental and competitive football.
2. Our involvement with the NKYFL over the last few years was an attempt to maintain our values while giving our teams the experience to play teams from outside our league.
3. The FTJFL board along with recommendations from our members decided that our affiliation with the NKYFL did not match the principles and philosophy of our League.

We are working very hard with multiple organizations and leagues within the Tri-State area that share the same values as the FTJFL. The goal is for our teams to participate and experience games internally & externally that are fun, organized and competitive. At no point, has there been any intention of being an ALL internal league.

Please visit our website to contact any of our Board members. Registration will be available within the next several weeks.  

Grades 1-6 you do NOT need to live in Ft. Thomas to participate on one of our teams.
Grades 7-8 you must attend school in Ft. Thomas.

As always, thank you for your time and interested in the FTJFL!
Board of Directors

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